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Marital Settlement Agreement Wisconsin

Marital Settlement Agreement Wisconsin


Divorce Lawyer Racine Advice: In most cases, all justice should be shared in the 50/50 marital residence. This means that the party who wants to keep the matrimonial home owes the other party 50% of the equity in the matrimonial residence. An assessment is the most accurate method of obtaining the current fair value of the matrimonial home. The husband and wife acknowledge that each entered into this agreement in good faith, without undue coercion or influence. Everyone understands their right to seek independent advice on this agreement and everyone has had the opportunity to seek independent advice before the agreement is signed. CONSIDERING that we have all exercised good faith and have made fair, accurate and complete disclosure in all financial and wealth matters related to this matrimonial transaction agreement; However, unlike custody or spousal custody orders, Wisconsin law generally does not allow for changes to settlement contracts after a divorce decision has been made, except in very limited circumstances, such as fraud or undisclosed information. Since amending a divorce order can result in significant costs, time and uncertainty for divorce, it is preferable to do everything in its power to ensure that the conditions of the original plan are pleasant and sustainable in the long term for both spouses. But even the most thorough divorce agreements cannot take into account all possible contingencies, and changes sometimes need to be made in hindsight. In both cases, it is always advisable to seek the assistance of a competent family lawyer when attempting to establish or amend a divorce agreement in Wisconsin. Depending on the nature of your divorce and your current relationship with your former spouse, you may need the skilled tools of a negotiator when designing a voluntary matrimonial real estate plan. Otherwise, you may need the aggressive tactics of an attorney while you are fighting in court for your right to certain assets.

At Reddin and Singer, LLP, milwaukee divorce lawyer Terese J. Singer has extensive experience both at the hearing table and in Wisconsin courtrooms. She can work with you to take an approach that fits your circumstances. As a family lawyer, she represents individuals in Port Washington, Mequon, Racine, West Bend, Waukesha and other municipalities in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Washington and Waukesha County. Contact our office for more information at (414) 271-6400 or online to make a free appointment. In rare cases, the court may be held at the discretion not to accept the terms of the agreement if it finds that the conditions distribute the marital estate unjustifiably or if the conditions lead to a spouse needing public income assistance. In this case, the court will require the parties to amend the agreement. In general, the courts approve any transaction if both parties are fully aware of the terms. One of the most controversial issues in divorce is often the division of property between spouses, especially after years of joint construction.

Whether it`s family, cars, savings accounts or a joint business, asset distribution can quickly evolve from a friendly conversation to an all-out struggle for control. At Reddin and Singer, LLP, Milwaukee`s divorce lawyer Terese J. Singer has helped many people across Wisconsin reach a marital real estate colony that lays a solid foundation for their future.