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Just how to Leverage Offline Events for Link Building

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Just how to Leverage Offline Events for Link Building


Link building is all about creating strong, reputable relationships online — but imagine if you took offline strategies and applied it to building your brand online? Regardless of how big your company, hosting, speaking at, or attending an event is an invaluable tool for bulking up your backlinks while giving your brand industry exposure.

Every stage of the big event process, from promotion and beyond, provides valuable opportunities for acquiring backlinks. The trick is to utilize the proper strategy. Whether you’re sharing your event on an event listing site, reaching out to influencers to spread the phrase, or publishing event-specific content, leveraging your face-to-face marketing efforts to achieve more backlinks can help your company — irrespective of its size — be much more visible.

Prior to the Event
When you put down on your own link-building journey, you need to determine what pages and domains you would like others to share. For an event, a passionate landing page on your own website that lists key details and invites people to join up is the greatest place to drive potential attendees. Additionally it is easy to fairly share for promotion.

Event sites
Once you have your pages and domains set up, you are able to take that page to event listing sites, which provide easy link opportunities. The positioning of your event will determine where you select to post. For example, if you’re hosting a small event, region-specific event sites will earn you links that raise your visibility in local search results.

If you’re hosting a larger event with a national or global draw, Eventful or Meetup are two sites that’ll link out right to your event page. Being an added bonus, some larger sites are certain to get scraped by other sources, meaning you may potentially get multiple links from one post.

Connect with influencers
Connecting with bloggers in your industry and asking them to fairly share your event details making use of their followers is another way to achieve links.

When you reach out, do some research to see what kinds of bloggers and influencers are best suited for this; you want to make sure the backlinks you get are valuable, from credible sites that will help you build authority and boost your organic search visibility. While it might be more difficult to obtain links from the experts in your industry who have higher domain authorities, they’ll be probably the most necessary for brand building.

When you establish your listing of target industry bloggers, reach out and explain why your event is highly relevant to their audience and why sharing or posting about it’d add value with their content. \

A huge mistake people often make is expecting content without contributing anything in return. Could you show up to and including potluck with out a dish and eat every one of the food? Consider offering an incentive, such as an chance for cross-site promotion so your partnership isn’t just transactional, but mutually beneficial. Not only can this assist you to acquire a brand new link, nonetheless it may also help you obtain more exposure to people in your target market that may very well not have now been able to reach previously.

Through the Event
Whether your company is hosting an event or someone from your own team is speaking at one, there are many opportunities to guide your site’s link building efforts. Attendees may have a positive effect on your own organization’s backlink profile. Whilst the old saying goes, in the event that you didn’t post about it, were you even there? Professionals and brands alike love sharing thought leadership insights and event recaps in the proper execution of blogs and social posts. Once they do, there exists a good chance they’ll be sharing an url to your company’s site.

Write about it
Even when you’re only attending an event, you will find link building opportunities to take advantage of. Post daily blogs highlighting the main element takeaways from that day’s sessions or share your take on a memorable keynote. Event-specific content features a good chance of earning its solution to and being shared by the speakers, event host, other attendees, and your team back at the office.

“Consider offering an incentive, such as an chance for cross-site promotion so your partnership isn’t just transactional, but mutually beneficial.”
To boost your chances to getting your content out before the best people, share it in a quick email or LinkedIn message to a presenter or marketing lead from the organization hosting the event. Obviously, you must always share your post by yourself and your company’s social networking channels and tag the relevant players. The hope is that, by being included and getting free publicity, these high-quality sources will feel inclined to fairly share your content

Network, network, network
While posting about events will help you obtain links, it’s also wise to give attention to building long-term relationships with other leaders in your industry. There’s no better time to do this than when at an event. Actually, 81 percent of event-goers say they attend events for networking opportunities. If you’re networking, you are able to set yourself up well to determine future linking partnerships with sites in similar or complementing industries.

After the Event
You are able to still acquire backlinks from your own offline event after you’ve headed back once again to work. Some of the best link building opportunities have yet to come.

Followup with email
If you spoke at an event, you are able to nurture individuals who attended your session through email and send them relevant information. Establishing a landing page on your website with downloadable slides from your own presentation can simply be shared and linked. Should they haven’t done so already, see if your contacts are willing to fairly share their event experience on their blog and social pages. This provides you with crowdsourced content with valuable backlinks.

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