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Google’s Featured Snippets: Ideas to Boost Your Ranking


Google’s Featured Snippets: Ideas to Boost Your Ranking


Featured snippets are the first search result that you see when you type any search query on Google. These come in a different format than the rest of the search results and are usually the sole link that users select to locate a remedy to their query.

Most users don’t even select it but get the relevant answer right on these results pages (SERPs). That is why featured snippets are probably the most coveted position for marketers: Featured snippets can assist you in securing the very best ranking on Google.

In this post, you may find out everything that you might want to learn about featured snippets and just how to rank for one.

So, let’s get started.

Tips To Boost Your Ranking in Google’s Featured Snippets

Given that you know what featured snippets are and how they seem on the Google SERPs, it’s time to start preparing to rank for them truly. I’ve six useful tips to help you get your content to rank in Google’s featured snippets.

Answer Particular Issues Through Your Content

The first faltering step in your quest to rank in highlighted clips must certainly thorough keyword research. You’ll find so many tools for SEO that you should use to search for relevant keywords in your niche.

When you have a list of target keywords, the next thing is to locate questions linked to each keyword that you could reply to rank in a featured snippet. In this section, you’ll discover ways to find questions that you could answer. You can also discover ways to get it done right to improve your odds of ranking in featured snippets.

Ready for more information?

Let’s get started.

Find Relevant Questions for Your Target Keywords

One of the finest ways to locate questions on any topic or keyword is to search for it on Google and check the “people also ask” section to find more questions. Click any one of those questions to locate much more related questions.

That you do not need any paid tool with this as Google itself will give you enough information on which questions to answer.

Create Content That Best Answers Those Questions

When you have a list of questions, you need to create good content that answers those questions in the simplest way possible.

With this, first, do some research and see how the present included snippet answers each question. Then, attempt to write a much better answer and have that anywhere in your content. That could be a section in a lengthier content piece, a bulleted list, or another format.

Answer Multiple Questions in a Single Little bit of Content

Whenever you create long-form content, you could answer multiple connected issues on a topic through it. But, for a position in highlighted snippets, you need to offer a short and particular answer for each simple question.

This is especially ideal for featuring in-paragraph-style featured snippets, as you can include multiple paragraphs in your content to answer different questions.

Use Bulleted Lists as Subheadings

This can be a tactic that you should use to rank in a list-style featured snippet. Structure your content in a way your subheadings answer the key target question.

Also, it is advisable to use bullet points or numbered lists for your subheadings as well. Develop a listicle article and structure it properly to have featured in a list-type featured snippet.

You may also develop numerous bulleted or numbered provides in a lengthier material piece to answer innumerable questions.

Optimize Your Video Content

Firstly, if you’re not even using video content on your website, then it’s high time that you start doing so. Video is one of the most applied material types and should be part of your material advertising strategy.

That said, not everybody using video content is getting featured in Google’s featured snippets. Google picks only among the tens and thousands of options to showcase in the featured snippets section.

So, what makes Google select one video over the numerous others?

Surprisingly, the clear answer is not much the video content itself but more about how you package and market it.


What I mean is that that you do not simply need to produce high-quality content. Also, you need to see Google what your video is about. Unlike text content, which will be easier for Google to comprehend. With videos, you’ll need to create an additional effort.

So, how will you do that?

The easy answer is by optimizing your video titles and descriptions along with your target keywords. But not just any keywords. You may use long-tail, ideally question-type keywords, to obtain the most effective results. Use long-tail keywords that inform Bing you will be answering a specific question along with your video.

For instance, if you’d like your video to rank for “how to complete x,” why don’t you use that as your video title? Also, put it to use in your video description to see Google. Your video is pertinent and answers the question.

You may also create and upload video scripts to offer your audience and Google more info about your video.

Structure Data Into Tables (When Relevant)

As stated earlier, Google organizes data collections in the shape of a table to show it as a table featured snippet. If you already do the task for it, you can increase your chances of having featured.

So, identify the kinds of content on your website that could be easier to eat in the shape of a table and reach work. This may not merely make Google prone to choose your content but will even make your customers happy as they get summarized information.

Also, put in a relevant title that features your goal keyword right before your table. Be sure that your table immediately uses that title. The goal is to format your material in ways that Google can directly employ in a highlighted snippet.

Think of how you would want your featured snippet to appear and put it as it is somewhere in your content.

Use SEO Strategies To Rank on the First Site of Google

Did you understand that most featured thoughts come from content pieces that already rank on the initial page of Google’s search results?

This indicates that there’s a powerful correlation between search rankings and the likelihood of content to rank in featured snippets. So, why don’t you focus on trusted, old-fashioned SEO techniques to make sure that your content ranks first?

Focus on the basic on-page and off-page SEO methods to have started. Guarantee regularly excellent material quality by creating relevant, easy-to-understand, targeted content. Also, optimize your pleased with relevant keywords and side words to improve your rankings.

Add a Question and Solution Site to Your Site

Last, however, not least, you can include a Q&A page on your website where you answer all common questions in your niche. Consider who your prospective audiences are and what type of questions linked to your company they’d like answered.

Answer all of those industry questions on the Q&A page and pay extra awareness of each answer. Seek out each question that you will be planning to add and see what is currently being featured as the initial answer. Then, write a better answer for every single question in several sentences to improve your odds of appearing in paragraph-style featured snippets.

This is truly a brilliant way to get your page to rank for multiple questions as a featured snippet. Each question and answer alone can rank separately if you do your bit.


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