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The New Moz Local Is Here! Can't-Miss Highlights & How to Get Started - SEO Tool Platform

The New Moz Local Is Here! Can’t-Miss Highlights & How to Get Started


Last month we announced that the new Moz Local could be arriving soon. We’re so excited — it’s here! If you’re a current Moz Local customer, you could have already been exploring the new and improved platform this week! Or even, signing up now will get you access to all or any the new goodies we have available for you.

With any major change to a tool you utilize, it will take a little for you really to adjust. That’s why I wanted to create up an instant look at a number of the highlights of the item, and from there encourage one to dig into our additional resources.

What’re some key features to dig into?
Full location data management
A lot more than 90% of purchases happen in physical stores. The first object of local SEO is ensuring that people doing a search online for everything you offer:

Encounter your organization
Access accurate information they can trust about it
See the signals they’re trying to find to choose you for a transaction
Moz Local meets this reality with active and continuous synching of location data so you can grow your authority, visibility, and the general public trust by managing your standard business information across partnered data aggregators, apps, sites, and databases. This is software centered around real-time location data and profile management, providing updates as quickly as partners can support them. And, along with your authorized link with Google and Facebook, updates you make to your organization data on both of these powerhouse platforms are immediate. Moz Local can help you master the web consumer encounter.

And, because business data changes over time, ongoing management of your online assets is essential. 80% of customers lose trust in a brand when its local business listings mislead them with incorrect information like wrong names, telephone numbers, or hours of operation. No brand are able to lose this trust! Moz Local’s data cleansing service delivers ongoing accuracy and proper formatting for successful submission to the platforms that matter most.

Finally, Moz Local supports the distribution of rich data beyond the basics. Give customers compelling reasons to choose your organization over others by uploading photos, videos descriptions, social links, and more. Full control over these elements can greatly enhance customer encounters and improve conversions.

Automated duplicate deletion
Duplicate listings of a small business location can turn profile management into a tangle, mislead consumers, dilute ranking strength, and sometimes even violate platform guidelines. But historically, detection and resolution of duplicates has been cumbersome and all but impossible to scale when handled manually.

One of the very exciting improvements you’ll experience with the new Moz Local is that duplicate workflows are now actually automated! Our next-level algorithmic technology will identify, confirm and permanently delete your duplicate listings in a completely automated fashion that will require no interaction or involvement on your part. This is a major development that may save local brands and agencies an amazing quantity of time.

Deep Google and Facebook reporting & management
Logging in and out of multiple dashboards may be this kind of hassle, but with Moz Local, you should have insights about all of your locations and clients in one space. Moz Local has become installed with Facebook management (hooray!) and we’ve deepened our Google My Business integration.

We’ll capture Facebook insights data for impressions and clicks for your location’s published Facebook content. And you will find it convenient that people surface impressions data for both Google Maps and Search. This means you should have comfortable access click data for the familiar attributes: clicks-for-directions, clicks-to-website and clicks-to-call, plus tracking of direct, indirect, and branded queries. Whether you’re dealing with just one listing or 100,000 of these, all the info is going to be at your fingertips.

One new feature I’m especially keen to talk about could be the alerts you’ll receive whenever a new photo is uploaded to your Google listing by a next party. Image spam is real, and awareness of public uploads of imagery that violates guidelines is part and parcel of reputation management.

Local dashboard

Our goal is to make the local SEO are simple as you can, and very often, the at-a-glance summary in the new Moz Local dashboard can tell you all you have to know for routine check-ups. The default view of all the locations you manage can, of course, be easily filtered and segmented to check out specific clients or locations. Almost effortlessly, you’ll get a very quick overview of data like:


  • Average Profile Completeness
  • Locations requiring attention
  • Total listings in sync (sync is the new term for what we previously called “published”)
  • Listings being updated
  • Listings requiring sync
  • Duplicate Reporting
  • Facebook Insights data
  • Google My Business Insights data

Profile suggestion engine
Who has time for guesswork when you’re trying to make the most of your online assets? Our powerful new profile suggestion engine lets you know exactly everything you what data you’ll need to prove to attain maximum profile completeness.

Quickly drill right down to a particular location. From there, Moz Local surfaces multiple fields (like long description, photos, opening hours, fax numbers, etc.) along side suggestions centered on other verifiable online sources to improve consistency across the info publisher and partner network. Again, this can be a big time-saver, particularly if your agency has multiple clients or your enterprise has multiple locations to manage.

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