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Waqar Zaka On Legalizing Crypto in Pakistan


Waqar Zaka On Legalizing Crypto in Pakistan


According to Bol News, Waqar Zaka filed an incident to legalize Cryptocurrency in Pakistan on December 6, 2019. He said that it ought to be legal in Pakistan because the country could not progress for long without it. You could understand that It has been banned since April 4, 2018.

Waqar Zaka even told us government of Pakistan that if Cryptocurrency was legalized in Pakistan, all loans of Pakistan could be easily repaid. If our government allows Waqar Zaka, they can easily legalize Crypto and pay off all debts to Pakistan. Waqar says that Crypto has been declared illegal in Pakistan for no reason. He requests PM Imran khan that Cryptocurrency ought to be legalized in Pakistan. Our government has not responded up till now.

Zaka highlighted why Crypto must be legalized in Pakistan in a reading presided over by a two-member counter of the court headed by Justice “KK Agha” & “Mrs. Kausar Sultana&rdquo. He says that Pakistan is at the risk of being blacklisted by major marketplaces of digital currencies, as major companies are backing out of doing business.

Many countries worldwide are by using this currency, and this currency is spreading extremely fast all around the world. If Pakistan continues to ban them, Pakistan is affected by huge losses in a few years.


 Importance of Cryptocurrency in Pakistan

When Waqar Zaka talked to our government of Pakistan about Crypto in 2019, a bitcoin was worth about Rs. 1,112,131 Pakistani rupees, which was a matter of great fortune. However, a year later, the worth of the bitcoin began to go up sharply, and on December 31, 2020, its value was 4,621,198.24 Pakistani Rupees.

Legalizing Cryptocurrency in Pakistan

This is a good time for all of us if we had obeyed Waqar Zaka during those times and if our government had acted on after that, maybe today most of the debt of Pakistan could have been paid off. At this time, numerous individuals have earned a lot of money by following Waqar Zaka.

The FIA arrests people taking care of Crypto in Pakistan, which will be very unfair. On December 17, 2020, when the FIA didn’t answer the court, the court stopped arresting people taking care of digital Cryptocurrency and said that anyone from the FIA arrests any person who works on Cryptocurrency then must tell them. Because Pakistan already has lost a huge advantage. Develop that soon Cryptocurrency will unban and people start their online business. We say because of Waqar Zaka for this effort.






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