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The 2019 MozCon Final Agenda Has Arrived! - SEO Tool Platform

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The 2019 MozCon Final Agenda Has Arrived!

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The 2019 MozCon Final Agenda Has Arrived!


With the schedule set and the speakers hard at the job polishing their presentations, here is a look at the three action-packed days we’ve planned for you.

Monday, July 15th
Breakfast & registration
Welcome to MozCon 2019!
Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz
Our vivacious CEO will be kicking things off in early stages the very first day of MozCon with a hot welcome, laying out most of the pertinent information on the conference, and getting us in the proper mindset for three days of learning.

Web Search 2019: The Essential Data Marketers Need
Rand Fishkin, Sparktoro
It’s been a tough couple years in search. Google’s domination and need for extra growth has turned the search giant right into a competitor for more and more publishers, and plateaued the longstanding trend of Google’s growing referral traffic. But in the midst of the turmoil, opportunities have emerged, too. In this presentation, Rand can look not just at how Google (and Amazon, YouTube, Instagram, and others) have leveraged their monopoly power in concerning ways, but in addition how to find opportunities for traffic, branding, and marketing success.

Human > Machine > Human: Understanding Human-Readable Quality Signals and Their Machine-Readable Equivalents

Ruth Burr Reedy, UpBuild
The push and pull of making decisions for searchers versus search engines is an ever-present SEO conundrum. How will you tackle industry changes through the lens of whether something will work for humans or for machines? Ruth will take us through human-readable quality signals and their machine-readable equivalents and steps to make SEO decisions accordingly, as well as just how to communicate change to clients and bosses.

Morning break

Improved Reporting & Analytics Within Google Tools
Dana DiTomaso, Kick Point
Since the intersections between a few of the most popular free tools — Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager — Dana will be deep-diving into how to enhance your reporting and analytics, even providing downloadable Data Studio templates across the way.

Local SERP Analytics: The Challenges and Opportunities
Rob Bucci, Moz
Most of us understand that SERPs are becoming increasingly local. Google is more and more seeking to satisfy local intent queries for searchers. There is a treasure-trove of data in local SERPs that SEOs may use to outrank their competitors. In this session, Rob will talk about the challenges that come with trying to do SERP analytics at a nearby level and the opportunities that await people who can overcome those challenges.

Keywords Aren’t Enough: How to Uncover Content Ideas Worth Chasing
Ross Simmonds, Foundation Marketing
Many marketers focus solely on keyword research when crafting their content, but it just isn’t enough if you wish to gain a competitive edge. Ross will share a structure for uncovering content ideas leveraged from forums, communities, niche sites, good old-fashioned SERP analysis, tools and techniques to help on the way, and exclusive research surrounding the data that backs this up.

How to Supercharge Link Building with a Digital PR Newsroom
Shannon McGuirk, Aira Digital
Everyone who’s ever tried their hand at link building knows just how much effort it demands. If perhaps there clearly was a method to keep a regular stream of quality links arriving the door for clients, right? In this talk, Shannon will share how to set up a “digital PR newsroom” in-house or agency-side that supports and grows your link building efforts. Get your note-taking hand ready, because she’s going to outline her process and give a replicable tutorial for steps to make it happen.

Afternoon break
From Zero to Local Ranking Hero
Darren Shaw, Whitespark
From zero web presence to ranking hyper-locally, Darren will take us along on the 8-month-long journey of a small business growing its digital footprint and analyzing what worked (and didn’t) across the way. How well will they rank from a GMB listing alone? What about when citations were added, and later indexed? Did having a keyword in the business name help or harm, and what changes when they earn several good links? Buckle up for this wild ride as we discover exactly what impact different strategies have on local rankings.

Esse Quam Videri: When Faking It Is Harder than Making It
Russ Jones, Moz
Covering a breadth of SEO topics, Russ will show us how the proper utilization of available tools causes it to be easier to actually be the very best in your market rather than make an effort to cut corners and fake it. If you’re a lover of hacks and shortcuts, come prepared to possess your mind changed.

7:00–10:00 pm
Monday Night Welcome Party
Join us for a backyard tiki bar party at beautiful Block 41 in Belltown. Meet with fellow marketers over drinks, music, and catching sun on the patio. We look forward to bringing our community together to inaugurate MozCon with this special night. Help you there!

Tuesday, July 16th
Developing a Discoverability Powerhouse: Lessons from Merging an Organic, Paid, & Content Practice
Heather Physioc, VMLY&R
Search is a route that can’t live in a silo. In order to be its most effective, search teams need to collaborate successfully across paid, organic, content and more. Get techniques for integrating and collaborating from the hard knocks and learnings of merging a natural, paid and performance content team into one Discoverability group. Learn how we went from three teams of individual experts to one integrated Discoverability powerhouse, and learn from our mistakes and wins as you apply the principles is likely to company.

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