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Agreement 2019

Agreement 2019


(8) On 31 July 2019, the EIB notifies the United Kingdom of the UK`s commitment to the EIB`s financial operations and the limitation of the UK`s liability, in accordance with paragraphs 3 and 5, taking into account the EIB`s financial situation and the UK`s responsibility on the date of this agreement. The parties agree on a five-year pilot program, starting in the academic year 2019-2020 and until the end of the 2023-2024 academic year, as follows: Amendment of Article 15.1 (e) by renouncing the current paragraph 15.1 e) of 15.1 e) 1. 1. and add as 15.1 e) 2: The single grant agreement is available only in English in pdf format. Agreements between Member States concluded as EU Member States; the 15-day working period covered by Article 4, paragraph 5 of Regulation (EC) 139/2004 has expired without one of the Member States responsible for reviewing the concentration in accordance with their national competition law having expressed its rejection of the request for reference to the European Commission; or international agreements to which the Union is a party and international agreements concluded by Member States acting on behalf of the Union; 4. The EIB pays the United Kingdom, on behalf of the Union, an amount equal to the UNITED Kingdom`s share of the subscribed capital released from the EIB, immediately before this agreement comes into force. This payment is made in accordance with Protocol 5 on the statutes of the European Investment Bank. It`s done in 12 annuities. The first eleven tranches, amounting to 300,000,000 euros each, will expire on 15 December each year from 2019.

The balance of EUR 195,903,950 matures on 15 December 2030. Payments made in accordance with this paragraph do not absegate the United Kingdom from liability under paragraph 5. The 2019 Annual Report on the Strait Islander Aboriginal and Torres Agreement 2019-2028 details the measures implemented during the first eight months of the first phase of the agreement and demonstrates the government`s real efforts to work with the Torres Strait Islander community and community to harness cultural knowledge and build a respectful, equitable and inclusive community. The EU and the United Kingdom are trying to do everything in their power, in good faith and in full respect of their respective legal systems, to take the necessary steps to quickly negotiate the agreements referred to in the political declaration of 17 October 2019 to which they relate in their future relations and to implement the appropriate procedures for ratifying or concluding these agreements, in order to ensure that these agreements are implemented as far as possible from the end of the transition period.

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