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5 Signs That Your SEO Strategy is Failing - SEO Tool Platform

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5 Signs That Your SEO Strategy is Failing


5 Signs That Your SEO Strategy is Failing

SEO Strategy

Perhaps you have wondered why your website isn’t generating any traffic?

Perhaps you’ve traffic, but it is the wrong audience and not converting. Maybe it’s because you are still surviving in the past.

Many are still using SEO practices that were effective years ago but have no value today.

If this is the situation, you should rethink your SEO strategy.

Best SEO practices evolve, with time, as Google and one other search engines change ranking methods and algorithms.

SEO strategy is just a practice that never stays constant.

Whether you think about yourself as an advertising professional or a novice, you’ll only stay together with your game by knowing what works and what’s outdated.

In that article, we will go over the causes you may want to change your SEO approach by exploring techniques that no more work.

Dated Content Marketing Practices

If you still consider keyword density an integral part of one’s content marketing, knock it off.

That practice dates back once again to a period when Google used strings of metadata for rankings.

Today, Google uses artificial intelligence in the shape of RankBrain to comprehend the context of a page.

Not only does keyword stuffing produce your material look spammy, but in the most egregious cases, you could also induce the Panda algorithm and take a standing hit.

Rather than worrying about keywords, concentrate on being contextually relevant and genuinely beneficial to the users.

Old Name Label Practices

Padding keywords in your brands is no further a method for accomplishment and might even be counterproductive.

Instead of fretting about keyword positioning in the subject, consider creating a snippet that describes the site and encourages consumers to select it.

Paid-Link Building for Higher Rankings

A period when pointing “enough” exact match anchor text links from high PR URLs to your page would guarantee top ranking. I’m not naïve enough to state this practice is dead (like public PageRank), but it certainly is on life support.

Just take a peek at some of the black hat forums, and you will see members bemoaning the fact Private Blog Networks (PBNs) don’t work like they used to.

Link building remains crucial for SEO success. Cutting corners and taking shortcuts in link building is just a waste of time.

You must shift your attention to acquiring good quality, topically relevant links instead of emphasizing getting any link. If you know how exactly to execute link building properly, less is more.

Pointless Press Releases

Few SEO practices have already been abused, such as the press release.

There was a period that SEO practitioners would produce a stream of nonsensical press releases for the sole intent behind getting a defined match anchor text link.

Google caught onto this practice.

Ultimately, Google devalued these links, and many of the PR firms decided to follow their links.

When you choose to issue a press release, it shouldn’t forget a link. A media release should only be created for a truly newsworthy event.

If you can’t honestly say that you’d issue a press release, even when it held no SEO value, then you probably shouldn’t do it.

Reliance on Automation

The auto-generated or spun content is one of the very prevalent remnants of a long-gone SEO era.

With Google on a quest to supply quality research benefits and a great user experience, there’s no room because of this garbage in the SERPs.

If you automatically generate, copy, or spin content, don’t be surprised when you’re slapped with a natural spam penalty.

Final Words

Se optimization is unique. The only real area that I am aware of was doing a similar thing, with time, will yield various results. That could normally be viewed as insanity.

Since search calculations are fluid and generally adjusting, your approach to SEO strategy must be fluid as well.


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